Thursday, November 30, 2017

Plaid Cape

Cape (similar) - Treasure & Bond / Sweater - J. Crew Factory / Leggings - Spanx / Flats - Sam Edelman / Sunglasses (similar) - Ralph Lauren / Bag - Tory Burch / Earrings - BaubleBar / Necklace - Stella & Dot

I freaking love a good cape. It's basically an excuse to wear a blanket all day. I'm always cold at work, whether it's summer or winter, and wearing a cape means I don't have to look like a crazy at my desk with my coat wrapped around me like a blanket.

Sidebar: I had a coworker at my first job who literally wore a leopard snuggie and slippers at her desk. Don't be that girl.

When you're wearing a cape, keep the rest of your look streamlined so you don't end up looking like a giant blob. Skinny jeans or (faux) leather leggings are definitely the way to go. I used to always layer tees underneath, but it turns out a cute sweater works too - just roll up the sleeves if they're oversized, once again, to avoid the blobbiness.

I actually wore this to Thanksgiving at my grandma's house last week, and it got hot at the crowded dining room table. I literally just threw the front half of the cape over the back of the chair while I was still sitting and was good to go, as opposed to trying to wrestle myself out of a sweater. What can I say, capes are the perfect winter layer!

Cape (similar) - Treasure & Bond / Sweater - J. Crew Factory / Leggings - Spanx / Flats - Sam Edelman / Sunglasses (similar) - Ralph Lauren / Bag - Tory Burch / Earrings - BaubleBar / Necklace - Stella & Dot

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