Friday, November 3, 2017

We're Heading to Paris!!

You guys.

You guys you guys you guys.

We just booked tickets to go to Paris! It was sort of on a whim. Jeff and I have been so busy with work lately and were feeling like we needed a vacation. Jeff suggested we take a trip abroad over Christmas, but it was so freaking expensive to fly at that time. So I checked the prices for going around Thanksgiving, and they were crazy low - I'm guessing because Americans aren't really looking to leave the country during that holiday? Obviously I had to book the trip!

So anyways, that means we just three weeks to plan the trip! Which is kind of crazy, because I'm pretty sure we planned for all of our other big trips for many months in advance - especially Asia! And really, I have no idea where to start - I don't even know what neighborhoods to look in for hotels. I mean, I already have dreams of what we'll do of course, but tell me - do you have any recommendations?

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  1. I am planning a trip for next summer and we are staying in an apartment near la marais! I've been using Eater Paris and Paris By Mouth to find food and drink destinations, and also the Paris Museum Pass will be happening. The Rick Steves travel forums have a lot of good advice for the metro, trip reports, and itineraries. It's helped narrow down must sees and might skips. We just started planning 2 weeks ago and I already feel pretty confident about our trip and I have months to go!!!! Oh also, the Beauty Look Book has a great section on packing and Paris beauty destinations.