Monday, November 13, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Flew home from San Francisco on Friday, and got to watch a couple of episodes of The Good Place on the plane. I'm totally hooked now, I've almost watched all of the episodes. Oh, and my week in San Fran was cray by the way, super super busy but also really fun. I stayed in a gorgeous apartment in Cow Hollow which is basic b heaven, gave some really big presentations which was scary but weirdly fun, saw a bunch of friends at many happy hours, and got to see Beck. Not bad.
...Went on a Target binge and bought all of the Christmas things, including everything from Chip and Joanna' Gains' new line (how freaking cute is this centerpiece?!) and six bags of peppermint bark bells, my favorite holiday candy. And then listened to Christmas music. Don't judge me, it snowed, which basically makes it Christmas.
...Drove up to the burbs to go to a Friendsgiving at a friend's new house, which is absolutely beautiful! I made my favorite brussels sprouts recipe, which I'm sharing later this week. Isn't it weird to say you like brussels sprouts? Still weird.
...Ordered the cutest holiday pajamas from Old Navy (still have this robe on my wishlist too) - I'm going to have to be in pajamas all the time to make all of these holiday pjs I have worthwhile ;)
...Spent the night up at my parent's house because Jeff was out of town, which meant brunch with my niece, who I taught to sing I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and the chorus to Umbrella, so, you know, sorry parents.

I hope you had a good one!

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