Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

What to get for the ladies in your life? I always like to try to think of pretty or fun indulgences that she wouldn't think to buy for herself. Here's the holiday gift guide for her:

1. A pretty personalized keychain, so she can always find them floating around that giant bag of hers.
2. A necklace with her initial, to wear every day.
3. The cutest bow scarf, to keep her warm (and stylish!) this winter.
4. Fun wine glasses, for her Friday night (and every night) happy juice.
5. A giant pink thermos, because sometimes you need to be able to take an entire bottle's worth of wine on the go.
6. Thermal leggings, to keep her cozy and cute at home.
7. An indulgent face mask, to keep her face hydrated this winter.
8. A mini wallet, to keep her cards organized in even the smallest of bags.
9. A pretty watch in millennium pink, because we all need a little more millennium pink in our lives.
10. The cutest mug, to help her get her day started on the right foot.
11. A fun water bottle, for easy hydrating during barre class.
12. A pretty phone case, for when she repeatedly drops her phone while trying to take selfies.
13. A fun gold peace sign, to liven up her work desk.
14. A cute pair of earrings that go with everything - I wear mine all the time!

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