Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

I think you know you're really a grown-up when you start asking for things for your home for Christmas. Now that I've hit full adult status, home goods are some of my favorite gifts to give and receive - especially if they're pretty! Here are a few home good gift ideas:

1. A gold banana leaf tray to collect keys on their entryway table.
2. An amazingly cozy blanket for date night on the couch.
3. The prettiest champagne glasses, because you should always be ready for a celebration.
4. An espresso machine, to fancy up their morning coffee routine.
5. A pretty bottle / wine opener, so they can open their beverage of choice on the go.
6. A cookbook, to up their weeknight dinner game.
7. A fun tray, obviously for piling up with cheese the next time you visit.
8. Fancy cheese knives, for cutting said cheese.
9. A pretty serving dish that doubles as decor.
10. Fancy candlestick holders to dress up the dinner table.
11. The cutest little teapot that will look great on their countertop.
12. The best holiday candle - these things smell amazing!!
13. A fancy throw blanket to dress up their couch or the end of their bed.
14. A beautiful citrus juicer that they'll actually use, as opposed to that giant contraption that's still sitting in its box in the basement. Not that I'm talking about any specific juicers in any specific basements.
15. A stylish wine rack to store all of their "chef juice."

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