Monday, December 11, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out for date night with Jeff at Monteverde. We went once before and only got the gigantic ragu alla napoletana (seriously, so huge that between two people we still had leftovers) but wanted to try some of the small plates this time - the cacio whey pepe was amazing!!
...drove down to Indianapolis to visit a couple of friends who moved there earlier this year. We did a lot of hanging out and watching babies roll around on the floor, but also managed to make it out to Christkrindlmarkt (where I had the best waffle of my life - why have I never tried liege waffles before?!) and to Rook for dinner, which was amazing - definitely go if you're ever in Indy! Just don't try the cocktails, as a group we collectively decided they were basically juice.
...binged several episodes of Champs vs Stars with Jeff. A fun fact about Jeff and I is that we both individually were obsessed with The Challenge on MTV before we met, which is hilarious and odd. You might remember that we actually went out of our way to meet Leroy when we were in Vegas last summer ;) Well anyway they're doing a special season of regular cast members versus stars, and it is hilarious and amazing and everything I ever dreamed the show could be. I mean, in the last episode, Lil Romeo brought out his giant bodyguard to threaten someone because he thought he had gotten an unfair elbow to the face during one of the competitions.

I hope you had a good one!

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