Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Yep, it's gift guide time! Or rather, it was gift guide time about two weeks ago (because that's when you started shopping, right?) but I couldn't get my act together in time! 

Chances are you haven't bought a gift for those guys in your life yet though, because they're so hard to shop for. My husband just spent three hours trying to figure out what he wanted for Christmas and couldn't even think of something for himself. Which really, is a big chunk of the problem!

If you have a guy on your shopping list and can't figure out what to get him, here are a few ideas: 

1. A cool watch, so he can look important (and stop looking at his phone to get the time)
2. Nice rocks glasses, for his fancy whiskey sipping.
3. A cozy pullover, so he can still look nice when vegging out. Jeff has this exact one and loves it!
4. A cool plug that lets you turn on and off any electric device with your phone. Can I have one too?
5. Wireless headphones to make his workouts easier. We gave away a couple pairs of these at a work event, and the guys all went nuts for them.
6. A PopSocket, to make sure he doesn't drop his phone. All of the techies at my work conference last month were sporting one.
7. Cool leather sneakers, to up his style game.
8. The 36 Hours book, to plan your next weekend adventure - we have this and it's amazingly helpful!
9. A plaid shirt, because every guy needs another one.
10. A fancy suitcase, to replace the backpack he keeps bringing on his work trips.
11. Warm tech gloves, so he doesn't get frostbite when he checks his phone again for the time despite the fact that you got him that watch.
12. Cozy sweatpants, to replace the ratty ones from college he still wears around the house.
13. A lightning cable keychain, so he never has to worry about losing his charger.
14. A super-strong umbrella, so his never blows inside out on the way to an important meeting. This was on Jeff's Christmas list last year and he loves it.
15. A grill mat, for when he proves his manliness with fire (or rather, for when you trick him into cooking dinner).
16. A new wallet, because you know his is definitely falling apart.
17. Fancy boots, so he can look cool but still be comfortable. Jeff has these too because I forced him to buy them, and he wore them all over Paris last week without any issues.

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