Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cozy Life

Howdy folks! Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, but I was sick all last week and all weekend and barely left the house, so there weren't any weekend adventures to share! Oh okay cool, didn't think you'd mind ;)

Between some really freezing temperatures and being sick, I've been in full-on hibernation mode for the past couple of weeks - anyone else?? I'm actually kind of loving it, partially because I'm always a fan of some good old-fashioned couch time, and partially because it's so nice to snuggle up, light a candle, and catch up on shows and reading when it's so cold outside. Some of my entertainment choices have been really good (Seriously, pick up The People In The Trees if you get a chance, and then follow it up with A Little Life if you can handle lots of tears. Semi-related: I saw Obama's favorite book list of 2017, and over half were my favorite reads of the year too. So we're basically best friends.), and others, not so good (ahem, my new Floribama Shore addiction), but you'd better bet they were all cozy AF.

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