Monday, January 29, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out for date night at HaiSous, a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant down in Pilsen. We've been wanting to go for a while (basically since we got back from Vietnam!) and finally managed to make a reservation during restaurant week. We went with the coursed restaurant week menu, and oh my goodness you guys, it was all so good - especially the papaya salad and chicken wings!! We  ended up wandering down to Lo Rez Brewing afterwards for a couple beers, and let me tell you, this is a brewery after my heart. Most places these days are all hops and IPAs, but they had tons of wheats and ales on the menu, which makes for a happy Kristina. the Clare V bag I was talking about on Friday in the mail, and you guys, it's so good. I was unsure if the smaller size would be too small and whether it would feel wide open since it doesn't have a closure, but it fits everything I would want to carry around on a vacation day including my blog camera, and the top pieces actually come together when you wear it crossbody style. Definitely a keeper!
...went out for one of those four hour long, bottomless brunches (that I'm probably too old for ;) to celebrate a friend's birthday. I was kind of unsure what we were walking into because all I was told was that it was a buffet, but it ended up being surprisingly good. We were at Brickhouse Tavern in the Park at Wrigley, and they had everything, including a huge donut and desserts table. Of course, me being me, my favorite was the mac and cheese ;) It would definitely be a fun place to hang before a baseball game!
...had my sister's family over for dinner (ahem, we ordered in from I Monelli) and then cooked everything when we had friends over the next night for the Royal Rumble. It's a wrestling thing, don't ask. But, but, if you're looking for a Superbowl recipe for next weekend, I made this homemade french onion dip and it was amazing - you just have to start the recipe 7+ hours in advance. I'm actually not a fan of cream cheese dips so I swapped the cream cheese and yogurt for sour cream - so, so good.

I hope you had a good one!

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