Wednesday, January 3, 2018

December Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some and a little to others, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2016 budget here.

This is one of the first years I didn't do a ton of shopping for myself in December. Usually all of the Black Friday madness sucks me in (online of course) but we were actually flying to Paris on Black Friday this year so I didn't do any shopping (except for this tee, which I bought in the airport after seeing it on someone's Instagram ;). Then when we got back, all of the sale emails were a little overwhelming so I basically stayed away. In fact, I really only bought three items in December (and all from Abercrombie), because that black dress was actually purchased back in October (I intended to take it back but then couldn't). Of course, I did also snag this bag for myself in Paris, but I'm leaving it out of the budget and counting it as a Christmas present instead. Because it's my budget and I can do what I please ;)

So here's the damage for December:
J.Crew Factory Plaid Elephant Tee - originally $39.50, on sale $19.50. Because obviously I needed this for the holidays - worn here.
Abercrombie V Back Sweater - originally $58, on sale $34.80. Okay, so I haven't shopped at Abercrombie since high school, and even then it was usually because my grandma bought me something from there for Christmas and I returned it and then had some store credit to burn. Back in about 2002 my brother and sister used their store credit to buy matching military surplus jackets and then wore them to death. Too bad it wasn't 2012 because then they would have been totally in ;) Anyway, I really just wanted the pullover but needed to add a few more items for that sweet, sweet free shipping, so this sweater got tossed in. And I freaking love it - so soft, the deep v in the back is a fun detail, and the fit is perfect.
CeCe Velvet Shift Dress (the velvet is sold out, but here it is in crepe and here's a similar velvet dress) - $128. I bought this back in October thinking it would be fun for the holidays but wasn't sure I was actually going to keep it. I ended up packing it as a just-in-case dress for our Paris trip and had to wear it - it's so pretty! I actually ended up wearing it for our photo session in Paris.
Abercrombie Velvet Lace Cami - originally $38, on sale $19. I don't usually go for tank tops because they mean strapless bras, but this was so pretty (and cheap!) I couldn't resist. It's funny, because back in the day I remember thinking of Abercrombie as so expensive. Anyway, I ended up wearing this under a big cardigan for New Year's Eve - perfect!
Abercrombie Asymmetrical Snap Popover - $68. The big kahuna. I've actually had this on my wishlist since it came out earlier this fall, and then it sold out. They brought it back in time for Christmas, and I was so excited I didn't even care that it wasn't on sale. It is so, so worth it, especially in this crazy cold we've been having. The fleece is incredibly plush and warm, and it turns out it's long enough that you can wear it with leggings. Definitely a win!

Total Spent: $269.30
Total Saved: $62.20

And that's a wrap for the budget for 2017! I think I managed to stay under overall, but I haven't actually done the math yet so we shall see - I'll have a full recap of the year coming at you next week.

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