Monday, February 12, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...was in full Olympics mode. We went to a party on Friday night to watch the opening ceremony (and I dressed up as the Flying Tomato of course ;) where we ate our weight in bagel bites and pigs in a blanket and sliders, because is there any better way to celebrate the USA than that??
...spent all day Saturday watching more sports (SPORTS!) at home, and then when we finally managed to get our acts together and get out of the house, after grabbing a pizza at Corridor we headed to a bar to watch even more Olympics.
...and then, can you guess it, we spent all day Sunday with the Olympics on too. Do we have a problem? Just chanting USA over here ;)
...oh, and also did a little online shopping of course! The dress I ordered last weekend did NOT fit (way too narrow in the shoulders - so sad!) so I ordered this dress... and these sandals... and this dress... Once again, someone please remind me that I don't need a spring break wardrobe for our trip to Charleston.

I'm so excited for more Olympics AND The Bachelor AND Bachelor Winter Games this week, plus we have a little date planned for Valentine's Day!! Somehow, despite our lack of plans this weekend, I did NOT manage to create much blog content for this week (and I'm obviously too busy with the aforementioned television watching opportunities), so it's looking like there will just be a post on Wednesday and of course on Friday - see you then!

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