Thursday, August 30, 2018

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Jacket (super similar here and here) / Tank / Similar Jeans / Sandals

I wore this out to dinner this weekend when it was in the 60's!!! Kind of weird but I guess we get a day or two like that every August, and I'm never too mad about having to break out some of my fall pieces for the first time. Jeff was ready for food so this is the only pic he snapped that included my shoes haha ;) 

Ahh my messy room! I've been trying so hard to keep it clean this year and I swear it works sometimes - I did manage to get those bags of clothes to Salvation Army this weekend! This dress came in the mail last week and I'm in love, it's so perfect for fall. It's one of those dresses that's somehow flowy but cut really close to the body and flattering still. I also love the length, it's fun for the weekend or dates, but still long enough for work. Just a note, I thought from the pictures that the pattern was a bunch of muted colors, but it's actually just white and yellow flowers. 

Also here are those sandals again - I also have them in green and love them (and wear them all the time - like here and here), they're amazingly comfortable!

Kimono in black (hint: get the smaller size!) / Tee (size up!) / Similar Shorts / Similar Bag

A couple weekends ago we drove down to Champaign to take Jeff's grandma out to lunch for her birthday, and while we were there I had Jeff take me to a few of my favorite places around town (it's where I went to college!) like Jarling's Custard Cup for a cone and to Pandamonium Donuts which a couple of my friends from school own! Oh and obviously we drove through campus, everything looks so different on Green Street (the main drag) but as soon as you get past that it's almost like no time has past. You think I could go back? With a slightly nicer apartment of course ;)

Top (Factory version) / Jeans

We also went to see Pearl Jam when they were in town! I was excited for the show, but it turns out I know like literally only two of their songs!! Ha, going to blame age for that one? Can I? Also, we got our tickets through a broker and have never had an issue before, but somehow there were people in the stadium with duplicate tickets!! We got to the seats first so we got them, it looked like the other people ended up in standing room only. Not sure how we were both let into the stadium, but that just shows you have to be really careful where you buy your tickets! 

Travel Wrap (comes in more colors here) / Sneakers / Tote / Suitcase (also available here)

I've been traveling a lot this summer, including a bunch of trips out to San Francisco for work. They have been having a really cool summer (think low 60s!) so it was the perfect excuse to break out some of my fall new arrivals. I love this cashmere wrap for the plane because it's so comfortable, and it's easy to pull your arms in if you get chilly or slip it off if the plane gets hot before takeoff. I've been bringing this carry-on everywhere, and it really is perfect - it fits so much inside and keeps me much more organized than usual. Oh, and it's cute too! 

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