Monday, August 13, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Got dragged with Jeff to see the new Mission Impossible movie. Okay, not fully dragged, I made him promise to buy me popcorn and candy ;) It was fun to watch them zooming around Paris since we just went last fall, but really that stuff is not quite my cup of tea. I was laughing because I literally forgot we went to wee it, and on Sunday Jeff was still talking about it.
...Tried running some errands on Saturday morning, only to discover after driving all over the city that Nordstrom Rack doesn't accept Nordstrom returns any more - nooooo!!! Come on guys, I need to return like $500 worth of shoes hahaha. I took out my frustration by going on one of those Target runs where you thought you needed two things and end up checking out with a completely full cart. Whoops.
...Went out to see the Cubs lose terribly on Saturday, but you know, at least we got to sit outside and eat hot dogs! Have you ever noticed that I'm particularly food motivated haha?! We went with Jeff's cousin, and ended up meeting up with a bunch of his family and family friends before the game at Vines. A bunch of our friends had been on an impromptu Diivy bike bar crawl during the game, so we ended up meeting up with them afterwards at Dovetail for a few beers. I didn't even realize it existed, and it's walkable from our house! Handy ;)
...Went out to dinner with some more of Jeff's family at Nico Osteria to say goodbye to his cousin who is moving to Nashville for school. I've been there a few times now - it's Jeff's dad's current favorite restaurant - but had never tried the lobster spaghetti before. Oh my goodness you guys, it is good.

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