Monday, August 27, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out for a very early dinner at Spacca Napoli with Jeff - it's the best authentic Italian pizza place!! I've been on a meatless kick lately so I went for the Filetti - so simple and so good!! Pro tip: they take reservations but we always forget, so we go super early. If you show up after 6 you'll have to wait a loooong time for a table, but 5:30 and you're golden! It's crazy early, but we were headed to a house warming party at 7, so the early dinner worked. Oh who am I kidding, Jeff and I love the early bird special ;)
...after a couple weekends of doing Jeff oriented activities (sports, action movies, etc), I got Jeff to go see Crazy Rich Asians with me. You guys, it was the perfect romantic comedy. Funny and sweet, but not dumb like so many romantic comedies are, with characters that actually had some depth. I remember skipping the book (honestly the title threw me off, sounded a little trashy) but I think I'll pick it up now and find out what happens in numbers two and three! We went to the movie at 4pm, letting us squeeze in another early bird special at The Grafton afterward (we were weirdly craving heavy Irish food in 90 degree weather), and then home and in our pajamas by 8 haha.
...finally managed to drop a bunch of our stuff off at the Salvation Army and it feels so good to be rid of everything. I've actually never dropped stuff there before (I always was lazy and put old clothes in the donation bins around Chicago but I know they actually aren't the best for donating!) and now that I know how easy it is I have a feeling I'll be there all the time!
...had my parents and sister's family drive out to go to Gene's to hang out on the rooftop and eat sausages with us - one of my favorite things in Chicago in the summer! It was hot, but still so fun to see them.

Oh, and in other news, looks like Jeff's baby sister is most likely coming into the world TODAY!!! We're so excited to meet that little girl!

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