Wednesday, April 24, 2019

White and Navy for Spring

Shirt and Sunglasses - Amazon / Coat (similar here) - Michael Kors / Jeans - Gap / Flats (similar here) - Banana Republic / Earrings - J.Crew Factory / Bag (similar here and here) - Ann Taylor 

I now own this top in two colors, and I am not mad about it. Not one bit. 

Especially because it's only $19 and comes in 11 colors!! 

I've talked about this top a couple of times, but only shared it on Instagram, so I thought it was time to give you a better view. It has functioning buttons in the front (yay nursing friendly!) and the tie can be adjusted - I actually have the bottom button undone so the tie would be a little higher. It's also longer in the back, making it perfect for leggings. 

Now, I'm usually really hesitant about buying clothes off of Amazon, and I'm sure you are too. For me, the key is to look for items that already have a ton of good reviews, and to read through some of them to get a feel for sizing or anything else you might not realize from the photos. I also will look at the sizing chart if they have one, and usually end up sizing up since many products on Amazon run really small. For reference, I'm wearing a 2XL here. And then, also look at what the return policy is just in case. Most items from Amazon can be returned to Kohl's now! If you're anything like me, you loathe paying shipping and avoid the post office like the plague, so knowing I can do an in-person return is key

I wore this out for our first little dinner date with Mia. Yep, that's right, we took our newborn baby out to dinner! 

Ahem: at four o'clock. 


Now, Jeff and I have been known to schedule the early dinner, but this blows even our usual crazy out of the water. But, for our first time out to dinner with a baby in tow, we didn't want to get anywhere close to the dinner rush. And also we were headed to Spacca Napoli (which is the BEST Italian style pizza in the city, definitely check it out if you haven't!) and did not have a reservation, so being early was also important because we are terribly impatient and basically never wait for tables. We've noticed on the weekends the wait always starts to build starting at 5:15 so we always try to get there by 5 anyway. 

So, how it go? 

We did make one fatal error, in that we put Mia in her bassinet since we were walking to the restaurant, but didn't realize it would actually be fairly crowded at 4pm and we'd have to stow the stroller base. Had we put her in her carseat instead, we could have easily plopped it on an upside down high chair and called it a day. (Sidebar: did you know that's a thing?! Freaking amazing, they hold a carseat perfectly.) Instead we put the bassinet on a chair which didn't feel particularly safe, and ended up holding her for most of our visit.

Besides that, it was great! Mia was looking hungry as soon as we got there so I fed her a bottle, and then she fell asleep basically until we were done eating. I got to relax and have a glass of wine and daddy had a couple of beers over a really good caprese salad and salsiccia pizza - our favorite! Jeff did have to knock back his beer at the end of dinner because Mia started getting fussy, and I took her outside while he gathered everything up. But all in all, I'd call the night (afternoon?) a success! And cheers to many more!!

Shirt and Sunglasses - Amazon / Coat (similar here) - Michael Kors / Jeans - Gap / Flats (similar here) - Banana Republic / Earrings - J.Crew Factory / Bag (similar here and here) - Ann Taylor 

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