Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Instagram Lately

Oh hey there! We haven't been taking outfit photos while I get this #mombod whipped back into shape. (Is #mombod a thing because it should be? Also I'm completely relying on breastfeeding and going on walks here. I literally just stuffed a cupcake into my mouth.) But, I have actually been sharing a lot more of my day-to-day outfits on Instagram than I usually do. It was very handy having my photographer (read: husband) on hand for a month straight ;)

I always think this type of round up will take less time than a full outfit post, but it usually ends up taking more time because I have to hunt down all of the links! You can always shop my Instagram by clicking the link in my Instagram bio, which takes you to the Shop page on my site where I link everything up through LikeToKnowIt. But, some websites don't work with LikeToKnowIt and I know some people don't like to use it, so I'm sharing additional links here.

My robe (looks like my exact print is sold out, but I freaking love this robe, so soft and comfy, plus it packs really small for your hospital bag) / Mia's swaddle and headband

Sunglasses / Coat / Similar Shirt / Similar Bag / Jeans (same cut different wash) / Sneakers / Carseat / Carseat cover / Mia's hat (these are the only ones we found that would stay on her head!)

Hat / SweatshirtJeans (same cut different wash) / Sneakers / Bag

Sunglasses / Sweater / Tee / Jeans (same cut & distressing but different wash) / Booties (also available here) / Carseat / Carseat cover / Mia's hat (these are the only ones we found that would stay on her head!)

Hat / Coat (currently on sale!) / Solly Wrap

Sunglasses / Coat / Shirt / Jeans (same cut different wash) / Sneakers / Stroller / Car seat

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