Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Three Favorite Handbags On Sale

You may have heard that ShopBop is currently running their "Event of the Season" sale where you can get 20% off on any order, and 25% off orders of $500+ with code EVENT19. If you've been wanting to make a big designer purchase, now is the time! I actually had been planning on making a major handbag purchase next week as I'm getting my annual bonus (yep, in mid-April!) so this couldn't be better timing for me - I'm thinking it'll be this tote!

I honestly rarely buy designer items and even more rarely shop at ShopBop because most things are pricier than I like to spend. However, they do carry a few lines I love (like Madewell and Sam Edelman) and three of my favorite handbags are included in the sale. The sale only runs today through Friday, so move fast if you want something.

I shared a full review of why I think this bag is worth the price last fall, and I still love it just as much! It's beautiful and gets so much use, as it works great for everyday as well as dressy events. I also love that the chain lets me wear it short or long, or even crossbody. I've had mine for three years now and it still is beautiful, just a little wear is showing on the corners. I was worried the soft leather would scratch easily, but it still looks brand spanking new! 

I wore this all. summer. long. And spring. And a little in the fall too ;) It is just so stinking cute and goes with everything! I was really surprised by how much it holds, I can fit my bigger camera in there when I travel along with my phone, (small) wallet, and sunglasses! It does not have a closure at the top but I found that it sort of closes itself when it's really full. I do keep stuff in a pouch inside and clip it to the handle when I travel though to make sure nothing gets stolen or lost. 

There are a ton of dupes out there (as well as really similar bags) so if this isn't in your budget definitely go cheaper, as it is a trendier item. However I love the real deal, and you can definitely tell it's higher quality than the dupes between the weaving and materials of the bag itself and the leather strap and detailing. 

This is the newest item in my handbag collection, and I already love it and carry it every chance I get! I had been considering a Transport Tote for years but couldn't quite stomach the price, but a big gift card from Christmas changed my mind! I love the zipped top for safe city commuting, and love that it's big enough to haul anything and everything, including my laptop and all of the cords, or any number of baby items. I sprayed the heck out of mine with a leather waterproofing spray to protect it from stains, and definitely recommend it if you get a lighter color since they can stain - I've seen some pretty beat up transport totes on the train! 

Have questions about any of these? I'm happy to help!

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