Monday, April 15, 2019

Motherhood Monday: Would You Ask for a Push Present?

Would you ever ask for a push present from your partner? I'm guessing you've heard of push presents, but in case you haven't, the basic concept is that you pushed a baby out of your body, so you deserve a reward.

On Mia's due date! We thought there would be a baby any minute, but she decided to hang out for 8 days longer!

I used to think it was a crazy concept, but then again, I also thought babymoons were a little silly too (note: babymoons are not silly, they are awesome and you should take one if you can!). Why would you need a present from your spouse just for having a baby, especially when you are about to spend a ton of money raising a child?

Right, well then I got pregnant and my tune changed. No, I didn't want something crazy and extravagant for carrying a child, but I was starting to think that after all of the craziness my body put me through (food aversions, motion sickness, prenatal carpal tunnel, a PUPPP rash, and more!) that getting something pretty at the end would be nice. In addition to it being a "reward," I started seeing a push present as something that would always remind me of the special time in our lives of being pregnant with our first child, and all of that anticipation that comes along with it.

Once I decided I wanted a push present, I wanted the gift to be specific to the baby and to be something I would keep and use forever. I ended up setting my sights on this initial necklace with an "M" for Mia. I've seen others with this necklace for years and always thought it was subtle and beautiful. It's a bit more than I would normally spend on a necklace, but perfect for a present.

I've found in the past that when I want something, especially something specific, I have to tell Jeff directly. He's never going to be the guy to just surprise me. (After dropping hints for years about how I like fresh flowers and candy, I ended up telling him directly that I would love if he would surprise them with me now and then. Now he knows exactly what my expectations are and a little way to make me happy, so we're both happy!) So, after I decided on the necklace I wanted, I told Jeff I would love for him to get it for me, and sent him a link with the exact size and color I wanted. Mia's due date was also right after Valentine's Day and my birthday, so I told Jeff not to get me anything for those and to combine them all with a push present instead.

Jeff ended up waiting to buy the necklace because we wanted to be 100% sure of Mia's name (we waited to meet her before settling on it!), so he ended up giving it to me a week or two after she was born. It was such a sweet surprise to see a pretty little present wrapped and sitting on my pillow. And you guys, the necklace is gorgeous in person. I love that it reminds me of Mia every time I see it, and have barely taken it off since I got it. It's the perfect little necklace to wear every day since it goes with anything, and pairs well with my other dainty everyday necklaces too. It also is durable, and has stood up so far to tiny baby fists that grab on to it and pull hard! Just a note, I have the 16" in yellow gold. I see now that they have an adjustable 16-18" chain now, and definitely would have gotten that one if I realized it was an option just so I could change the length depending on my top.

Now, did I really need a push present? Absolutely not. But, it was nice to have Jeff acknowledge everything I had done to have the baby and show his appreciation and love for me. And now, whenever I look in the mirror, I'm reminded of my beautiful little girl and how happy we are to have her! And for years to come, it will remind me of this special time in our lives.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on push presents? Would you ever ask for one or expect one?

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