Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!! So excited we're back to the weekend - even with my new modified work hours (I'm starting later and doing more work after Mia goes to bed) it was tough. Jeff and I are both in really busy seasons for work so we're basically just ships passing in the night... or really, ships passing a baby back and forth ;) I decided to take Monday as a floating holiday to celebrate some indigenous peoples, so I'm super excited for another three day weekend with Mia. We've finally figured out the swings and how to nap in the big girl stroller, so I'm anticipating a nice loooong walk on Monday. We're also planning to go look at pumpkins with my sister's family and prepping for some family photos that I scheduled for next week. I used to just make Jeff match me when we took photos, but now obviously Mia's outfit comes first ;)

In shopping news I stalked the crap out of these jeans (also available here) after the pair I ordered was way too big (definitely go down at least one size!) and ended up reordering them yesterday. Fingers crossed going down two sizes works because they are so freaking cute. I also decided that yes, we will be matching Christmas pajama people, but no, I won't be ordering completely new sets every year. Instead I went to Old Navy and bought buffalo check pajama pants for Jeff and a onesie for Mia to match the buffalo check I already have in my pajama rotation. That way we just need to buy new pajamas for Mia every year as she grows instead of full new family sets. If you're thinking, "Kristina, it's too early to think about Christmas," just know that both of Mia's grandmas have already requested Christmas lists. It's happening people. This is not a drill.

Anywho, enough rambling for today - here are this week's finds! That green coat is currently 40% off!! If you've been wanting a coat from J.Crew, they're all in stock and on sale so now's the time to buy it. (I actually just ordered this coat because I'm in need of something dressy!) And I always get questions about my tortoiseshell phone case. Mine has been sold out for ages, but this one is incredibly similar and works for the new iPhone. My phone is overdue for an upgrade so I'm currently considering my options ;)

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