Wednesday, October 2, 2019

September Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some and a little to others, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2018 budget here.

Welcome to October - what?!??

Since I literally only bought one pair of earrings in August (I ended up returning that blouse), I was a little worried about how September would go. Well, it turns out I was right to be worried ;)

Usually I feel like I'm not ready for fall and wait until after the true first day of fall to put away my summer clothes. But this year, I realized that fall clothes are my favorite clothes and they also seem to have the shortest wearing window since at some point in November I'll start breaking into holiday clothes. So out the sweaters and booties came!

Target Color Block Cardigan - $27.99. So cute in person!! I think it's a great dupe for the really popular color block Madewell cardigan, and it's softer and comfier. I wore it here.
J.Crew Skinny Jeans - originally $110, on sale $66. I realized after I started trying jeans back on post-pregnancy that my J.Crew skinny jeans were the cutest and most comfortable, so I went ahead and ordered another pair. The dark wash sans distressing is great for dressing up!
Madewell Striped Sweater - originally $75.00, on sale $41.65. I'm wearing this one right now! This is a great oversized sweater for fall, it drapes really well and looks great with a front tuck.
LOFT Blue Floral Dress - originally $89.50, on sale $44.75. I orignally bought this a size up from normal and thought it was big and unflattering. I tried it down a size and while the buttons pull a little, it's so pretty I think I can live with it. Or maybe I will sew the buttons closed ;) The fabric is so beautiful and soft in person, it's the type of thing that works for spring, summer, or fall!
LOFT Striped Short Sleeve Sweater - originally $49.50, on sale $29.70. This is actually a really dark green and I was weirdly drawn to it in the store. I saw stripes and thought MINE MINE MINE hahaha. I love that this looks like a dressed up version of all of my striped tees. I wore it here.
LOFT Vine Pattern Dress - originally $89.50, on sale $44.75. I said this dress was worth paying full price for, but then it went on sale for 50% off so I ended up buying it again and returning the first one - good thing I didn't take off the tags! It is so flattering thanks to some invisible seaming. I think it will look so cute with over the knee boots this fall!
J.Crew Bracelet - originally $25, on sale $15. I'd been eyeing this for a while as something to wear with professional outfits. It's super cute, the perfect addition. I wore it here. I have the rose gold.
J.Crew Brown Striped Tee - originally $26.50, on sale $15.90. I'm all about the brown this fall, and this tee was a no brainer! It is a less stretchy material that isn't super form fitting which I'm all about these days!
J.Crew Blazer - originally $198.00, on sale $118.80. I've needed another blazer for years, since the only ones I currently have are navy (which doesn't quite go with all of my black dress pants) and a black velvet, which is very season specific. I love that this color will go with gray, black, or navy pants. I always go for a tall in J.Crew jackets to get enough sleeve length.

Total Spent: $404.54
Total Saved: $286.45

I know I went over for the month, but I actually feel okay about it since I basically spent nothing in August and since I filled in a couple holes in my closet. I'm still looking for another pair of mules or booties, and keep refreshing on these jeans to see if the size I need comes back in stock (hint - size down!), but besides that am not shopping for anything specific for October.

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