Monday, November 11, 2019

Family Photos

I had convinced myself for a few months that we weren't going to do family photos for our holiday cards, that we didn't need them and they're too expensive and we had plenty of family photos. But then daycare asked us to send a family photo in, and I realized we really didn't have any good family photos! This was the end of September, and I realized I was too late. It turns out it's a photographer thing to book mini family photo sessions (think 20 minutes) on the weekends in September & October, and they all book up really fast. I was too late!

Luckily I remembered Victoria, a friend-of-a-friend who has shot blog photos for me before and actually photographed Jeff's dad's elopement (and then watched Jeff take these outfit photos - ha!). She was rebooking all of her mini photo sessions because of weather, and was able to squeeze us in.

She was so fun to work with, and managed to coax some smiles out of Mia. Mia actually had been boycotting naps that day and was pretty grumpy, and was just blank staring at first - she definitely got mommy's RBF hahaha. We got the photos back last week, and I'm dyyyyying over some of the cute shots she got. I can't believe I didn't want family photos, because I'm so happy now to have these shots of Mia at this stage.

Warning: cuteness overload ahead :)

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