Monday, November 4, 2019

This Weekend...

Oh hey there! Haven't written a weekend recap in a while, but we did a lot (and had two babysitters!!) so I thought I'd share. Here we go...

This weekend I...

...went out to a charity event with Jeff and a bunch of his family. It was for March of Dimes, and the event was a culinary cook-off with a lot of the big restaurants downtown, where you got to have little tastings from each one. I actually wasn't that impressed with most of them, but found a new favorite - Sunda! It's right by my office but I've somehow never been - now it's on the list! So fun to have a night out but we definitely paid for it the next morning when Mia woke up at 6am - yikes ;)
...made this amazing white bean tomato soup from my favorite cooking blog. I've been trying to plan ahead on the weekends and make a big meal that will get us leftovers for most of the week, so that we can have more time on weeknights for hanging with Mia. Soup season makes that meal prep a whole lot easier :)
...finally got this coat in the mail, and as I kind of expected it doesn't work on my body type. But now I know that the regular sizes in the Factory coats actually do fit me (I usually need talls). The sleeves could be a pinch longer, but they work. I would say that the coat definitely is much lighter than my J.Crew wool coats. The box this coat came in was approximately one quarter the size as the box of this coat I also ordered to try out. Which I do really like, but once again ordered in way too big of a size because I still assume that my post-pregnancy body is bigger than it is.
...had Jeff's brother and sister come over to babysit for the first time, so we had a little Sunday afternoon date! They aren't in town very much and wanted to see Mia, so we said heck, of course you can come babysit for a few hours. We ended up heading to Oyster Bah, which we hadn't been to since before I found out I was pregnant, since, you know, oysters and pregnant people don't really mix. So. Freaking. Good. I said it the last time we went there too, but it's some of the best seafood I've had away from a coastline. We also did some Lincoln Park wandering which is always fun - I love popping into All She Wrote and the other little boutiques!

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