Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Little Bit Festive

Coat and Skirt (I had a mini, it appears to now be available in knee length and midi) - J.Crew / Tee (similar here) - BP / Scarf and Earrings - J.Crew Factory / Flats - Sam Edelman / Bag - Tory Burch

We got out for not one, but two dates this weekend - crazy! On Sunday Jeff's brother and SIL were dying to babysit, so we ran out for a late lunch / early dinner (plus many drinks haha) at Oyster Bah. Back in pre-kids days this probably would have just been considered a normal weekend activity, but since we were out without Mia I put it down as a date and decided to dress the part. 

Everything I wore (besides these earrings that came in the mail right beforehand - so freaking cute!) is actually a couple of years old! But it's all stuff that's in my regular rotation still. 

I remember having this skirt on my wishlist for months and months and not wanting to pull the trigger because it was more than my budget really allowed. But now I'm glad that I got it because it's so fun to wear, and so easy to wear in different ways. (I mean really, see here, here, and here for just a few). So while it may have been more than I typically spend on a skirt, it's gotten way more wears than cheaper skirts I've already gotten rid of. 

Anyway, I'm sure I had more to share, but Daylight Savings basically broke my brain. Weirdly though, Mia barely noticed. 

Coat and Skirt (I had a mini, it appears to now be available in knee length and midi) - J.Crew / Tee (similar here) - BP / Scarf and Earrings - J.Crew Factory / Flats - Sam Edelman / Bag - Tory Burch

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