Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Rustic Baby Animals Themed Baby Shower

It's the year of showers for me - I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law Claire last month! (I say the "year of showers" because I threw a baby sprinkle for my sister this spring, and am co-hosting a bridal shower for my bff Tracy next weekend!)

Claire and my brother live in South Korea and were in the US visiting for a few weeks, so her sister and I decided to squeeze a baby shower into their schedule. It wasn't originally supposed to be at my house, but you guys know I love to throw a good party, so I threw my place in as an option after our first location fell through. Of course it was about 96 degrees that day (I swear, every time we try to have people over the weather is terrible - for my sister's sprinkle there was an ice storm!) so we couldn't go up on the roof, but we made do hiding inside in the ac.

As far as a theme, I decided I wanted to go with baby animals, but throw in a little bit of rustic chic too - animals and the outdoors go together, right?! I was surprised I couldn't find anything that was even close to what I was thinking on Pinterest, so I just went in my own direction with these cute baby animal prints all over my living space (they're supposed to be nursery prints, but they work right?) and lots of greenery from Trader Joe's. Claire kept asking where I got all of the prints and frames from - I actually already owned all of the frames from the gallery wall in our last apartment! Sometimes my pack-ratting really pays off ;) I also used these burlap runners, some candles, and a whole lot of mason jars.

Just like last time, I designed the invitations myself, so once again no source here! Claire's sister ordered them as postcards from Zazzle, which saved us some money on postage!

This "Oh Baby" sign was a DIY. I found the words on Etsy, bought a hula hoop and spray painted it gold (with leftover gold paint from our wedding!), and attached some greenery with floral wire (also from our wedding ;). I tried hanging the words from the hoop with fishing wire but could not get them to stay, despite my fishing training as a youth and YouTubing fishing knot instructions. So, I folded and attached them to the wall with picture hanging Command strips instead.

As far as food goes, I didn't have enough space for everyone to really sit down and have a meal, so we decided to throw the shower in mid-afternoon and go really heavy on the snacks. Claire's sister brought a ton of cheese and crackers and her mom bought these gorgeous cookies from Custom Confections in Evanston. Aren't they adorable?! Definitely keeping them in mind for future parties!! My mom also brought some chocolate dipped M&M pretzels - another Claire favorite. I added in donuts for the donut wall that we now own from the baby sprinkle and therefore have to use for every party we ever throw, plus my favorite party crackers and this watermelon blackberry salad I make whenever I need to bring a side dish. Claire's sister also made a punch (I have no idea what the recipe was but know it involved cranberry juice, orange juice, and ginger ale) and we put out a few bottles of champagne too in case people wanted to booze it up. Hint: people always want to booze it up ;)

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