Monday, September 21, 2020


Thought I'd try a new post format today, just sharing a few of my favorites / what I'm up to this week. Let me know if you like this format, might try it again! 

summer white dress

One last summer dress!


I had to hop on the Selling Sunset bandwagon and man am I into it. I always say that reality shows are best when the cast all has something concrete in common, like a job. Who do you think is the worst one? I was thinking Chrishelle (also omg is that actually how you spell her name?!) might be an undercover mean girl, but after finishing season three Davina is like actually a sociopath right? Jeff and I also started Silicon Valley from the beginning, and that show is 100% my kind of humor, but also a little too much like my actual work life since I work in tech. And then we're a little behind but we just watched Always Be My Maybe on Netflix and it is so cute and funny, it had moments where we had to pause the tv because we were laughing so hard!! 


I just finished On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous. It's the first novel by a successful poet, and you can definitely tell in the writing so it probably isn't for everyone. I thought it was beautifully written, but at times it gets really dreamy and it can be hard to figure out what is actually happening. The story is a Vietnamese twenty-something writing to his mother about growing up in America. 


Chicago dove headfirst into fall and I made a big old pot of chili to celebrate! Our recipe comes from my dad and barely has any instructions - brown 2 lbs of ground beef with diced bell pepper and onion, add beef broth, beans, canned tomatoes, diced green chilis, chili pepper, cumin, and pepper until it gets thick. I also made this veggie and sausage skillet that's one of my favorite weeknight meals - so easy! 


After hitting cocktails hard at the beginning of quarantine I've mostly been sticking to beer and wine, but I opened some champagne on Friday to celebrate something at work, and ended up using the second half of it to make Aperol Spritzes. I always forget how easy and refreshing they are! By the way, if you like to drink champagne or prosecco but don't finish the bottle in one sitting, you need a champagne stopper! It keeps the bubbles bubbly for a couple of days. 


I may have gone on an online shopping spree on Friday that included Christmas stockings 🙈- I want to personalize ours with my Cricut so I thought I should plan ahead. I'm sorry for talking about Christmas in what is technically still summer. For one more day. Then I went on a Cricut binge and bought a bunch of infusible ink to try. Do I need an easypress? Halpppppppp!! 

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