Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Outfits Lately

I lapsed on sharing my daily outfits - they were starting to feel a little repetitive and boring. That plus my room was a complete disaster for about a month. Now it's only a somewhat disaster. 

We went out to dinner last Friday and it was so lovely!! We went to Bar Roma and sat out on the patio, it felt super safe. They're only doing a three course prix fixe menu, but there were a lot of options so I was happy :) But really I probably would have been happy anywhere as long as they were being safe, it was so nice to have someone else make me a cocktail and to eat a nice meal without making a sinkful of dirty dishes. 

Threw on a lounge set - high waisted leggings and a crop top - and then realized there was NO way I could wear that in public hahaha. When I was ordering, I felt like I was brave enough ;) Especially funny because I have a really short torso so the top and leggings alllllllmost touch! 

Same day, but got cold :) 

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