Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! Mia's grandma is picking her up for a sleepover this morning, so we have 24 baby free hours on the docket!! I always end up missing Mia terribly, but not being responsible for keeping her alive and not having to pick up all of our belongings off the floor tonight sounds great at the moment. Jeff and I are planning to go out tonight for our first dinner date since FEBRUARY tonight so I'm just a little bit excited. Don't worry, we're going to a patio where we will be wearing masks, and it's walkable from our house so we won't be on public transit or in a cab. Very excited for someone else to make me a cocktail and do the dishes :) 

Here are the finds for the week! Those glasses are bluelight glasses - have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? With all the extra staring at screens of the past six months, I'm starting to think a cute pair would be a good idea. 

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