Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Labor Day Weekend

Oh hey there! Just wanted to hop in and share some (read: maybe too many) photos from our Labor Day Weekend trip. We rented a lake house in southeastern Wisconsin for four nights, and it was kind of crazy how long and "vacation-like" it felt. We truly got to unplug and relax - or, at least as much as one can relax when your toddler is constantly trying to dive headfirst off the couch! To keep things safe, we just had a couple of family members we're seeing anyway during quarantine join us (and even then made sure we had a lot of circulation, and well-spaced bedrooms and assigned bathrooms), and brought in all of our food and beverages so we wouldn't have to shop locally.

My dad said there were at least "a hundred dollars worth of snapping turtles!" out on the lawn one morning 😂

Lots of frogs... including one Jeff caught in our bedroom!! 

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