Monday, December 2, 2013

This Weekend...

This (extra long) weekend I...

...Cut down my very own Christmas tree! And when I say "cut down" I mean "watched Jeff do it."  And then almost lost said tree on the side of the highway.
...Got aaaaaalmost all of my Christmas shopping done, hooray for online shopping!
...Saw all sides of Jeff's family and enjoyed two delicious Thanksgiving dinners.
...Did some cuddling with my sister's dog on a lazy Sunday morning.
...Tried artichokes for the first time.  Not bad.
...Did stop through one store on Black Friday (shhhhh, don't tell) to buy Jeff a coat that was on super clearance - marked down from $500 to $95!  We were going to just buy it online, but he wanted to try it on first.  Plus we were already downtown for lunch with the fam, so we zipped through on our way home.  Plus, apparently I'm a hypocrite.
...Did lots of decorating and cleaning - Christmas is only three and a half weeks away!

Hope you had a good one!  Don't forget to enter the Rebecca Minkoff giveaway here.

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  1. Haha I cut down our tree this past weekend and it was SO FREAKIN HARD. I don't get how people do it and aren't sore for days afterwards.

  2. Way to go with almost being done Christmas shopping! I haven't even started... oops.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! And don't worry - sometimes a sale like that is just too good to pass up ;)

  4. wow! busy weekend! glad it went well and that you still have the tree! :)

  5. Another amazing weekend! You always have such fun! I started my Christmas shopping but am nowhere near done. I think we are going to decorate the house today!

  6. Yay for getting your christmas tree!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Curious about how you almost lost the tree. I have yet to get mine up and I better hurry. Take care.


  8. I miss cutting down trees- we have a bunch in our backyard! But the past few years we've used an artificial one because my mom says its easier haha

  9. Still jealous you cut down your own tree, even if you are just watching. =]

  10. I'm getting my tree this week, so excited to decorate! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!


  11. I have never had a fresh Christmas tree which is super sad because they are gorgeous and smell so great! Isn't it crazy how close Christmas is?!

  12. You guys look so cute!