Monday, December 9, 2013

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

... Played Whirleyball at my work holiday party, and spent the rest of the weekend finding bruises all over my body.
... Finally got around to decorating our Christmas tree - it's only two and a half weeks away!
... Discovered that I managed to kill our aloe plant.  I didn't even know that was possible.
... Got quite a few packages in the mail, some presents, and some just for me ;)
... Went to a wine tasting party, where we did a double-blind tasting and then voted on which we liked the best.  It mostly turned into the battle of red versus white.
... Used my new Jose Eber curling wand and loooooove it!
... Went to the new Giordanos in our neighborhood and ate about a pound and a half of cheese.  It was glorious.
... Played Cards Against Humanity again, I don't think I have a dark enough soul to win ;)
... Met up with my old roommate for some delicious pork shanks at Dusek's.

Hope you had a good one!

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  1. I loveeeee Cards Against Humanity. We played at my holiday party this weekend. And unfortunately (or fortunately?) I do have a dark enough soul to win...

  2. I LOOOOVVEEE that game! I am not the best at it because I can't think super fast but it's so fun to play!

  3. Seriously, I'm always so jealous of your fun-packed weekends! What is this whirleyball game you speak of?

  4. sounds like you have had a blast!

  5. THAT LOOKS SO FUN! I've decided your office is the best.

  6. All of my holiday packages have been arriving as well, however some packages are gifts to myself haha!


  7. Love Cards Against Humanity! And eating blocks of cheese. Perfect weekend in my book :)

  8. I just got invited to a party at Whirlyball, and I am terrified to go for precisely the reason you just outlined... Oh, and I also have 0% hand/eye coordination.


  9. omg that looks so fun! I have never heard of this! amazing!

    love from San Francisco,