Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Easy DIY Art

My little sister just bought a new house (she's more of a grownup than me) and after seeing the couple of pieces I made for my new gallery wall, she requested I make some things for her new place.
The first thing I wanted to make was this easy color-blocked painting, which literally took just 20 minutes.

First, I laid out a little grid with some washi tape.  I started by measuring out thing to make sure everything was straight, and then decided that was far too much work and just eyeballed things instead.

Next I mixed up a couple different shades of pink/red, making sure that I would have enough to cover the whole canvas so I wouldn't have to remix the colors halfway through and not get a perfect match.  I then randomly painted different squares, leaving a couple white.

After letting things dry for about 20 minutes, I peeled off the tape, and voila!  A painting!

I'm excited to have an excuse to make a few more things for her, I'll share them as I go!

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  1. This is so cute—and simple! I love the colors you chose for her.

  2. You should sell these on Etsy! seriously though- I see cute things like this on there all the time!

  3. I really like this, might be stealing this for my kitchen...