Monday, October 27, 2014

This Weekend...

This weekend was a three day trip to DC for a friend's wedding, where I...

... Did the touristy thing and took a walk down the mall. I hadn't been to the city in four or five years, so it was fun to check out the sights again. We also found the MLK memorial which I hadn't seen before and was really cool.
...Stayed in Dupont Circle, which quickly stole my heart. If I were to move to DC and had lots of cash to throw around, that's definitely where I would live! Adorable little boutiques, lines of classic row houses, beautiful tree lined streets, what more do you need? Of course, then I would have to take this terrifying four story escalator down to the train every day...
...Met Jeff's brother for dinner at Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe and got to sit outside (something we haven't done in weeks in Chicago!). It's actually half bookstore, half restaurant, which was initially confusing but fun for browsing before dinner. Oh, and dinner? I tried duck cassoulet, and errrhhh me gerdddd it was good.
...Caught up on my Hills gossip with one of Jeff's friends, who was recently a bridesmaid with Jen Bunney. Apparently she's still super upset about the way she was portrayed on the show (and claims to have never hooked up with Brody, for the record ;)
...Went out for a post rehearsal dinner dance party at Diego, where we may have scared the other patrons by how enthusiastic we were when Africa came on.
...Had a big fun boozy brunch with everyone at GBD Chicken & Donuts, where I had an amazing Nutella donut (and I don't even usually like donuts that much) as well as chicken and waffles and  (probably unnecessary) bottomless grapefruit mimosas. Lemme just say, I like the way you DCers do brunch ;)
...Tried out my new clip in hair extensions for the first time and freaking loooove them. They literally made me feel like a different person. I would wear them every day, except that by the end of the night I was dying to take them off, they started to get really heavy.
...Actually, you know, went to the wedding we were in DC for. It was at the Josephine Butler Parks Center, which is a historic old mansion that used to be an embassy. Jeff's friends are basically crazy people on the dance floor, which was perfect for Jeff's and my aggressive dance moves.
...Hit up Bethesda Bagels the morning after for breakfast, and holy moly, the biggest egg sandwich I've ever seen.

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. Glad to hear that other people react that way when Africa comes on! That and Shout, same reaction, always. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Love the idea of a bookstore restaurant hybrid, browsing while you wait sounds like a fun time, and a good way to sell more books.

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  2. I haven't been to DC in years but i forgot how much there is to do there! Looks like a fun trip.


  3. OMG Amazing pic


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