Monday, May 11, 2015

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went out with Jeff and his family to celebrate his birthday, someone just hit the big 3-0! We went out to New Rebozo in Oak Park and sampled some of their famous mole sauces - so freaking good. Couldn't say no to a strawberry marg either ;)
...Had my second bridal shower with Jeff's family and friends, which was once again so fun. And we now have an entire room full of presents to find places to put away. Our registry is basically down to nil so I guess we have to register for some more stuff - is there anything unusual that you got or would want?
...Finally saw Whiplash and really enjoyed it, beautifully shot and fantastic acting. Usually we try to hit all of the Oscar contenders by February, but this year we dropped the ball so we've been slowly catching up.
...Spent an hour and a half in Target, so, you know, whoops. If you happen to be a plus size gal in Chicago, check out the Target on Roosevelt, I found a bunch of Lily for Target plus size stuff hiding in the gardening section.
...Maybe discovered that The Parent Trap was on tv twice, and maybe had to watch it both times.
...Drove up to my sister's house for a little Mother's Day dinner and got to see all of my sister's baby stuff - I can't believe there's going to be a little grandbaby in the family in two months!!

I hope you had a good one!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely and productive (in terms of Target) weekend! :) I sadly spent it revisiing for finals, but at least I am taking sometime this Monday morning to catch up on blog reading :)

  2. I suppose it depends on what you registered for to start with? Starting from two households, we didn't really need a lot of the little stuff, so we registered for formal china, a couple small appliances we didn't have yet (food processor, griddle, coffee grinder), some bar ware and a few odds and ends. In the end, we didn't receive a single piece of china, we received all of the small appliances, a couple pieces of bar ware, and our guests overwhelmingly gifted us cash (no complaints). We went back to the store a couple weeks ago and picked the other items up on sale with an additional registry completion discount. As far as unusual stuff goes, maybe decorative cutting/serving boards, new pillow inserts, cloth napkins, cleaning supplies, bulk food storage containers, silpat baking mats and knife sharpening tools?

  3. I watched the Parent Trap too! It's one of those movies that I have to watch whenever its on TV, such a feel good movie.


  4. We registered for some shark-shaped serving dishes and they are just so much fun! And you can only use so many measuring cups...and we got sooooo many for our showers and wedding!

    dash dot dotty

  5. Sounds like you had a nice weekend!

    I'm actually having a similar problem trying to BUY a gift from a registry that doesn't have a whole lot on it. My best friend's shower is in a few weeks, and there's next to nothing to choose from and I'm not sure what to do!


    Something About That

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  7. It sounds like you had a jam packed weekend! Congrats on your engagement and getting married soon - so fun! xx