Monday, March 14, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went to a little early Saint Patrick's Day party with some of our friends, which I must say was a little weird without drinking! We're halfway done with our dry month and while I haven't found it particularly hard I think Jeff is ready for it to be over ;) 
...Met up with some friends for dinner at The Bristol, where weirdly my favorite thing was an apple salad. Usually I go for all meat all the time haha. We also got a gigantic ravioli that had a poached egg inside of it - so good! 
...Hosted all of our parents for a big dinner at our house on our new dining room table and made these deep dish chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and ohhhh my gee. Best thing ever. 
...Saw Bridge of Spies, and I have to say, meh. I felt like it was trying to be suspenseful without actually being suspenseful. My eyes-on-phone percentage was startlingly high haha. 
...Put a heavy hit on my credit card with the online shopping - excited to get this gingham-lined coat in the mail! I'm also trying out a pair of Tieks since I need some comfy shoes for standing all day at tradeshows. Have you tried Tieks? Are they worth the price?
...Had some contractors over for a final walkthru of our roof because construction on our deck should be starting in the next week!! I'm so excited to have a deck for this summer! 

I hope you had a good one!

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