Thursday, May 5, 2016

House Updates - The Dining Room

Wow have I really not shared our dining room yet? I shared the living room and entryway back in December and an update about our coffee table in February, but totally ignored the dining room - whoops! I'll also probably get around to the rest of the house at some point too ;)

Really, I've been holding off because the dining room just doesn't feel done yet. We're looking for some art for the main wall and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all of those shelves. That being said, I don't know if it will ever feel done, so now's as good a time as any!

Who doesn't need tasseled placemats in their life?! I couldn't find the exact ones online, but these green placemats are similar, and these ones are so fun for summer!

Unlike most of our house, everything in the dining room is brand new. At our old place we were renting from my father-in-law, so our dining room set was his from the '90s - this giant slab of glass set on giant plaster columns. Ummm, not quite our style ;) I was really excited when we moved to to find something that was more us. We looked at a lot of sets but had a hard time finding the right one - a dining room table can be so expensive so we wanted to find something that we'd have for a long time. Finally we stumbled into Walter E. Smithe and ended up custom designing everything. The chairs, rug, and table are all from Walter E. Did I tell you we met the Walter E. Smithe while shopping at Walter E. Smithe?! Lol, it was really funny - he made us take a picture with him haha.  

The rug probably isn't actually going to stay here. It feels just a little too small for the space, so once we find something else it's going to go down to Jeff's office. 

The bookcase is from Crate & Barrel. We actually picked it out way before we found a table, but held out on actually buying it until the table came so we could make sure they would be a good match. I think it may be my favorite furniture purchase we've made, but it's kind of intimidating to decorate! I'm thinking I'll add more of our wine glasses and other functional kitchen stuff as well as mix in more cute decorative items. 

This wall is where we're planning on adding a large scale art piece, but I just haven't found anything I really like yet. The room just feels really blue at the moment so I'm looking for something bright with lots of coral or orange in it to break things up. I'm really picky when it comes to artwork though, and the tiny hipster inside of me also wants to make sure that I find something unique that not everyone would have. Yes, there's a tiny hipster inside of me. I often also find myself talking about the "little feminist lion" that also has taken up residence. Apparently my body is a tiny hotel. 

And here's the view into the living room. Ta da! 

I've gotten a bunch of requests for an updated home tour now that the place is furnished, so that's coming soon! I wanted to wait until the roof deck was complete, and that should hopefully be today - fingers crossed!!

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  1. Love the color hues, really great design, you have a lovely home ;)