Monday, March 6, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...spent most of the weekend out in the 'burbs volunteering with Destination Imagination, a creative problem solving competition for kids in elementary school - college. I work with the improv part of the competition, so I spent all day Saturday watching kids pretending to be overworked professors going to the beach with their bed-wetting kids and donut-loving police officers taking super villains to court. I've volunteered for years and used to compete before that, so DI day is like a big reunion for me - we had so much fun!
...celebrated my birthday with my family, which meant cake, presents, singing - you know, all the good stuff ;) My mom gave me this blush tasseled bag and I'm obsessed, so get ready to see it allllll spring long!
...did a lot of meal prep for some healthy, veggie-filled dinners this week. Jeff and I are both counting calories this month (I like using LoseIt for easy tracking) and I'm trying to be better this time around about putting most of my calories into vegetables instead of trying to eat as little as possible so I can have more cookies and wine. SkinnyTaste's cookbooks have been my go-to's as of late, this spicy salmon has been a favorite for a few years now but the Fast & Slow cookbook has a ton of easy veggie meals we've been loving.
...literally spent hours browsing for more simple lightweight tops to add to my closet for our trip, I'm thinking this bow-back chambray tee might make it's way into my shopping cart!

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