Monday, March 13, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...spent Friday doing Habitat for Humanity! I'd never done it before but it's something I had always wanted to do, so I was really excited about it. It was so cold on Friday (we're talking windchills in the teens) so I was pretty worried about it. They ended up needing eight people to do finishing touches inside one of the houses, and I was one of eight girls who basically sprinted into that house ;) I mostly painted all day, but I did get a chance to use some power tools too. I'm definitely hoping to volunteer with Habitat again, but hopefully on a nicer day.
...Ended up at the dive bar across the street from our place not once but twice over the weekend, because we like to keep things classy. If we keep this up we might have a Cheers situation on our hands!
...Got this adorable tie-waist dress in the mail, and you guys, it might be my favorite dress this summer. So soft and comfortable, but still so flattering - win win! It also comes in a bunch of patterns here.
...Celebrated St. Patrick's Day a week early on Saturday because Chicago decided that was the day to dye the river green (Pssst, if you've never seen it, they dye the Chicago River green every year and it gets SO green - very cool if you're ever in town!) so Saturday was the day the entire city celebrated. We didn't actually make it down to the river, but spent the day at a party and then at a bar that had a live Irish band.
...Had Jeff's family over for dinner and decided to grill even though it was freezing out, because we're crazy people. Anything for that perfectly crispy salmon, amiright?

This week is full of all day/all night work events for me, which means A) I'm going to miss the finale of The Bachelor (don't spoil it for me!!), and B) Unless I seriously managed to get my booty into gear after I finished writing this post yesterday, there may be a few gaps in my posting schedule this week. Be sure to hit me up on Instagram because I'll definitely be there - follow @kristinadoes!!

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