Monday, April 17, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went out to Bub City for happy hour (and maybe stayed a little past happy hour too ;) and had quite a few palomas - so good there!! Also, it's always fun to get confused by the fake guy in the women's room.
...Headed down to Wrigley Field for our first Cub's game of the season, and you guys, it was so beautiful outside!! I'll go to see a baseball game just about any time of year just for the beer and hot dogs, but it is so nice to be there when it's warm and sunny. We got to the park a little early so we got to check out the new park outside the stadium. It's basically just a big beer garden that anyone with a ticket to the game can get into, and if you're willing to pay eight dollars per drink it's a much nicer space to hang out in than one of the Wrigleyville bars.
...Went with a couple of friends to Lou Malnati's after the game because I needed some deep dish pizza ;) Deep dish is one of those things you can't eat very often (because really, you'd probably die) but every now and then it really hits the spot.
...Ordered another little white dress, even though I have zero need for more little white dresses in my life. I'm really hoping it isn't super cute so I can take it back!
...Had a very busy Easter Sunday, filled with church, brunch with Jeff's family, dinner with my family, and lots of chasing a toddler around the backyard while trying to keep her from finding all of the Easter eggs that were hidden for when all of the kids had arrived.

I hope you had a good one!

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