Wednesday, September 13, 2017

10 Best Floral Dresses for Fall

Is anyone else all about the fall floral dresses right now? They're so perfectly '90s without being over the top. Like tattoo chokers. Don't wear tattoo chokers.

All of these pretty little dresses are perfect for this weird in-between time where it's too warm to dive headfirst into sweater season, but you still want to look season-appropriate. And these darker floral patterns are really cute on their own, but will also work when you need to layer in some tights and cardigans.

In my head, I was wearing pretty floral dresses like these for all of the '90s, but in reality I know that I owned a lot of matching jersey shorts/shirts combos (or shirts/skorts!) in various giant striped patterns. I also had matching colored socks to go with said outfits in a variety of on-trend colors like lemon and lime green. What can I say, I was one stylish seven year old.

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