Monday, September 11, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went to a Cubs game with Jeff! Our seats were freaking amazing, definitely the best I've ever had, and while the Cubbies didn't pull out a win it was still fun to be so close to Kris Bryant ;) And, you know, I'm always pro any activity that involves a beer and a hot dog.
...had one of those Saturdays that started with Jeff and I deciding to get drinks at brunch, and ended fourteen hours later at karaoke. I guess that's what happens when you decide to go for the mimosa ;) We ended up going to Germanfest in Lincoln Square for giant steins and sausages (I hate brats, but it turns out I love thuringian) and then to Barbecue & Bourbon fest in Roscoe Village. Really, if you've ever visited this blog before then you know that eating and drinking are my favorite activities, so it was basically the Saturday of my dreams.
...drove up to my hometown to welcome back two friends from the Peace Corps. You guys, the last time I saw them was at my wedding. You know that you have friends for life though when you can jump back in after 2+ years and nothing has changed.
...went over to dinner at my parents' house for some family time, and it got me so excited for our family wedding in Boulder this coming weekend!! We fly out on Friday morning and I seriously cannot wait. What do you think, this dress or this one for a casual, outdoor wedding?

I hope you had a good one!!

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