Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall Colors

Shirt (similar) - Old Navy / Skirt - Target / Shoes (starting to sell out!) - BP / Earrings - c/o Charming Charlie / Bag (currently 20% off with code EOTS17 - what a deal! Also available at Nordstrom) - Tory Burch / Watch - Wristology / Necklace - Stella & Dot

You guys, the fall weather is here! At least through the weekend. Cue me pulling out all of my plaid and flannel and scarves and boots. Not that I ever really put them away, it wasn't until I started blogging that I realized people really switch out their closets for winter/summer. Umm, hello, I live in an apartment, where would I put all of that stuff?! Certainly not down in our storage closet where it could potentially get moldy! (Sidebar: a box of stuff I was storing in my parent's basement was just discovered to be covered in mildew/mold. Byeeee Brownie sash and all of those badges I worked so hard to earn.) I literally have one drawer in my closet for stuff that I'm definitely not wearing this season, and usually that's what ends up in the donate box. 

So anyway, can we talk about how cute this skirt is? I love the little tie front, it's a trend I've been seeing lately and makes things feel oh so '90s in the best possible way. And definitely not at all like Kanye West designed it. RIGHT? Right. A little black mini is one of those things that can go with anything, and I love that the tie gives it a little extra oomph. 

Also, this post has reminded me that I never added this skirt to my budget because I thought I wasn't going to keep it. Whoops. Thanks for keeping me honest, KDTI. I'll sneak it in there next time :)

This week has been a fun one. On Tuesday I realized it was probably the last patio night of the year (of course, I just checked the weather and saw 80's for next week - what?!) and convinced Jeff to abandon his work for the night and head out to Lou Malnati's with me for a little deep dish. I feel like I always hear Chicagoans saying that while they like deep dish pizza, they would usually rather have a thin crust. Umm, not me. If deep dish is an option, that's 100% what I'm getting. 

Tonight we're headed to a fundraiser for alzheimer's research, and while that doesn't sound particularly exciting it actually is usually really fun. We've been the past couple of years - it's held in a sports bar so it's really casual, and there's always a band plus plenty of drinks. And I'll take any excuse to step away from my computer on a weeknight (and to drag Jeff away from his)! 

I hope your week has been fun - but if not, happy Friday's eve ;) 

Shirt (similar) - Old Navy / Skirt - Target / Shoes (starting to sell out!) - BP / Earrings - c/o Charming Charlie / Bag (currently 20% off with code EOTS17 - what a deal! Also available at Nordstrom) - Tory Burch / Watch - Wristology / Necklace - Stella & Dot

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