Monday, October 16, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...spent a lot of time at home! Jeff and I haven't had a weekend with much free time and it was great - I don't know why we don't stay home more often! On Friday night we took down a big pot of chili and a nice bottle of red wine while catching up on some shows (does anyone else watch You're the Worst? I always want to talk about it but no one I know watches - it started out as a show similar to It's Always Sunny, just about terrible people and the terrible things they do to each other, and it has gotten so dark and intense and real.) and, because it was the only movie on-demand we could both agree to, Snatched. Which, you know, isn't a good movie per se, but was pretty amusing. I basically love whatever Amy Schumer does. a huge order from Loft and a couple of other places in the mail, and really, it was mainly a disappointment. You may have seen on Instastories that almost everything is going back. The two keepers? This awesome pullover from L.L.Bean (which I'm wearing as I write this ;), and the J.Crew field jacket that I've wanted forever - it's seriously so good.
...most of our Saturday was spent at home too because it literally thunderstormed all day. We both caught up on work and I managed to finally do a little crafting and play with my new water brush pens and pretend that I can do calligraphy. Okay, so I did that for about five minutes, gave up, and then blended watercolors on canvases to make gradient backgrounds that I will, in theory, do some lettering on top of ;)
...drove out to the suburbs to eat all of the Vietnamese food with a couple of friends. Seriously, we went to Pho Kho Gia Lai and every dish they served came in a bowl that was bigger than my head. I've been craving Vietnamese food since our Southeast Asia trip this spring so it was good to finally get my fix. I don't know how I've managed not to eat Vietnamese in Chicago, since our house is like, a mile from all of the Vietnamese restaurants. Luckily we also have a reservation at HaiSous for next weekend, so more papaya salad and noodles and dipping sauces for us!
...watched all of the sports - I think this actually may be my least favorite time of year because there's always a sport on the television instead of some stupid Bravo drama. We watched football, hockey, and baseball, and then went to Butcher's Tap for one of the Cubs playoff games with a bunch of friends. But you know, when you go to a bar to watch the sports, there are nachos ;)

I hope you had a good one!

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