Tuesday, October 31, 2017

OTK Boots for Work

Sweater - J. Crew Factory / Jeans - Gap / Boots - Kaitlyn Pan / Coat (similar color, similar leather detailing) - Marc New York / Bag - Tory Burch / Necklace (similar) - BaubleBar / Watch - Wristology

In case you were curious, it turns out there is a subtle way to wear OTK boots - pair them with black jeans! As opposed to leather leggings, my black jeans blend with the texture of the boots, which definitely tones them down a bit. In case you were wondering whether or not you could wear OTK boots to work because they can come off a little too sexy, this is definitely the answer!

I actually wore this to work and then to a little date night - last week Jeff and I went to see Les Miserables! This has been the month of theater for us because now we've been twice, and I really don't remember the last time we went to see a show. A production is currently swinging through Chicago, and while I found some of the staging odd I thought all of the actors were phenominal - especially Eponine! I also decided that if I were able to play any character in the show on Broadway, I'd definitely pick Enjolras. Not only does he get some great songs, but he also gets to strut around the stage waving a flag and has an epic death. I'd just have to figure out how you're supposed to pronounce his name...

Before the show, we went to dinner at The Kitchen out on the river. There's such a pretty view from the dining room as the sun goes down! The Kitchen is actually a special restaurant for our family, although I can't think if there's a reason besides that my cousin met her husband when they both worked there. We actually had my grandma's 90th birthday party (two days before our wedding!) there too. The food is always spot on, and last week was no exception.

Before I go, I just wanted to share a little housekeeping - I'm currently completely buried at work thanks to our big annual conference coming up next week, so content might be sporadic for the next week. I say "might" with the hope that I will get some stuff scheduled, but I usually have all of my posts scheduled a week in advance and am currently scrambling to get this written before my self-imposed publishing deadline and have nothing in my drafts pile, so I'm anticipating a bit of a struggle. You can always catch me on Instagram to see what I'm up to - see you around!

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