Monday, October 23, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...met up with a friend's birthday dive bar crawl at Estelle's in Wicker Park, which it turns out has a freaking amazing happy hour - half off all drinks from 5-7pm, every day of the week. You're welcome.
...drove out to the mall, and, in what has become the new norm for me, didn't buy anything. I seriously don't have the attention span for shopping in stores anymore! But really I returned a ton of stuff, which is great because I was reviewing what I've bought this month for my budget post for October (coming on Wednesday!) and I'm definitely over. Whoops. I am super excited to get this holiday button-down in the mail though, so, worth it?
...went out for fancy cocktails at Band of Bohemia. Sometimes their cocktails can be a little too crazy for me, but their fall menu right now is top notch. I really could have stayed for two or three (or four or five ;) but we were headed to Spacca Napoli afterwards, and I'd heard the wait is crazy. Well, there were literally fifty people lined up outside, and we somehow were sat before all of them. Not sure if we accidentally snagged a different Kristina's table, or if everyone was in bigger groups / waiting for the patio. Or if Jeff slipped the host something when I wasn't looking ;) This restaurant had been really hyped up to us as the best authentic Italian pizza, and while we thought the special pizza with prosciutto was just okay, the salsiccia was amazing!! Oh, and I mean, the burrata appetizer was basically the size of my head. We'll definitely be going back!

I hope you had a good one!

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