Monday, October 9, 2017

This Weekend...

...Went to my friend's Oktoberfest beer tasting party, and as per my experience last year, hated just about everything haha ;) We fill out an evaluation as we go along, I do have to say, I think my comment game has improved over last year. A year's worth of built-up hatred for Oktoberfest beer I guess. I'm already ready for all of the Christmas beer - I think Great Lakes Christmas Ale is my favorite beer out of all of the beers. Can't wait for that to come into stores!
...Had a glass or two of wine and decided to finally order J.Crew's field jacket since it was on sale. And then got sucked into the LOFT website and ordered this sweater... and this sweater... and this sweatshirt... and like, eight more things. Insert embarrassed face emoji.
...Drove out to my college roommate's house in the suburbs for a little reunion and a baby meet and greet haha. I swear, three of my friends just announced they are pregnant, I feel like there are babies everywhere! Semi-related, but one of my friends who was there said she is off of Instagram and asked me to hop on Snapchat more - so get ready, because I'm coming back to the snaps!
...Went over to a friend's house to watch the Cubs play. They lost, but my friend Lauren made freaking amazing enchiladas and then spontaneously decided to bake for us, so let's just say I may be spending a whole lot more time over at her house ;)
...Had another Sunday full of work, work, work - I swear I work more hours on Sundays now then I do during the week! I only managed to sneak away from my computer for a bit to shoot some content that's coming later this week, which conveniently was in a grocery store so we could also pick up some food for this week. Don't worry though, I also listened to the Hamilton soundtrack from beginning to end while I worked so I'll be ready because we're going to see it this week!! I'm pretty sure I bought the tickets at least six months ago, so I am ready to finally go!

I hope you had a good one!

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