Thursday, October 5, 2017


Tee and Shoes (blush color is back in stock!) - BP / Sweater (similar here and here) - LOFT / Jeans - J. Crew / Bag (or a similar budget-friendly version) - Tory Burch / Earrings - c/o Charming Charlie / Watch - Wristology

So I have to tell you something. When we were walking away from taking these photos, I was busy clicking through the camera to make sure that we got the shots I wanted. And then I walked through a swarm of flies. Yuck. And then I looked down and realized there was a swarm of flies because I had just missed stepping on a DEAD RAT.

Omg omg omg.

I hope you aren't squeemish. Sorry about that.

But seriously though. I literally screamed, and I don't scream about a lot of things these days. I guess rats are one of those things about living in the city, but I don't usually see them so I forget they exist. The last time I saw a dead one, it was four stories down from my first apartment in Chicago, and my roommate and I sat in her window and laughed at people screaming as they walked by. Guess the joke's on me now.

So anyway, back to the clothes. I snagged this tee on a whim and it is so good - I'm definitely pairing it with all of my sweaters this fall and winter. I previously always wore fitted tees with sweaters, but I'm always wishing for oversized tees lately so it definitely filled a hole in my wardrobe. The short sleeve version, which I have, is sold out, but lucky for you there's an identical long-sleeved tee that's still available, and it comes in a pretty navy stripe too. Wait, do I need the navy version too? ::adds to cart::

I hope you're having a good week. Jeff and I are in the middle of a busy one work-wise, it's both of our busiest time of the year in the office, plus my freelance work has been picking up, so it's been a whole lot of quick dinners and then individual laptop time. I did sneak out last night for a haircut and a keratin treatment last night though, and the little bit of relaxation was so nice. Let's just say, I cannot wait for the weekend!!

Tee and Shoes (blush color is back in stock!) - BP / Sweater (similar here and here) - LOFT / Jeans - J. Crew / Bag (or a similar budget-friendly version) - Tory Burch / Earrings - c/o Charming Charlie / Watch - Wristology

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