Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Life Lately

Oh hey there! Did you miss me?

I meant to post yesterday, but our flight ended up getting delayed on Sunday night, which meant I missed my bedtime (yes, I'm a toddler) and was exhausted. So, I decided to give myself a break. I'm always go go go so that's pretty unusual for me. I don't know when I turned into such a workaholic!

And you know what? My Monday evening was so nice. I laid on the couch, I got a few things done for the baby shower I'm throwing this weekend (Yes, another one! Check out the baby sprinkle here if you missed it.), I finished reading Faithful (which took a while to get into but then I finished the second half of the book in 24 hours), and I basically got my life back on track after being gone for, oh, the last three weeks. 

Just goes to show you, sometimes you need to give yourself a little break!

The week in San Francisco was actually really fun. We had a big offsite for my full department at work, so the week was full of happy hours, lunch dates, fun dinners, an afternoon of bocce ball, and of course a ton of presentations. I stayed at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins which was up on top of Nob Hill, an area I haven't gotten a chance to explore before so it was fun to see a new place. The hotel itself is beautiful too - it's right on top of the hill, so my room had a view down to the bay out of one window and out across the city through the other. There's also a rooftop bar which has stunning views too, which you may have seen on Instagram stories ;)

Jeff flew in on Thursday afternoon and picked me up after we finished up at work, and we drove out to Napa to celebrate our third wedding anniversary! How has it been that long?! I'm so grateful that my work sends me to San Francisco all the time, because it's led to three Napa trips over the past three years! I'll share more on the trip soon, but we actually ended up basically copying our itinerary from our last trip. Partially out of laziness, partially because we lacked planning time, but mainly because we loved our last trip so much!

Now that we're back in town, it's all family time. Seriously, our next couple of weeks are packed with family activities! My brother Pat and his wife Claire are visiting from South Korea for a couple more weeks so we're sneaking in a baby shower for them over the weekend, plus a birthday party for my niece Mae - she's somehow turning three!! Then we're hosting a Fourth of July party next week, and then squeezing in a birthday party for my dad and a family Cubs game around one of my friend's wedding over the weekend. I'm a little tired thinking about it, but also really excited - bring on the family time!!

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