Monday, June 11, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...flew home after a week in Florida with Jeff's family! They've been going to the same spot for years now (like, I think they said 24?!) which is so cute. We swam in the ocean, we swam in the pool, some of us laid in the sun while others hid under an umbrella while wearing a sun shirt (umm meeeeee ;), and we helped some very enthusiastic six year olds try to catch all of the bunnies on the property (ahem, after I ensured them that I had definitely caught bunnies before and tried to teach them how to think like the bunny and be the bunny - ha). Our flight was really delayed coming home, but I ended up getting upgraded to first class so it wasn't all bad ;)
...literally dropped our bags and immediately turned around to head to a party that a bunch of our friends from out of town were visiting for. Hi Liana and Derek and Mal and Tom and baby Jimmy, it was so fun to see all of you!! We showed up a little late because of our flight, just in time to snag a couple of hot dogs, grab a glass of frosé, and enjoy a night up on our friend's deck.
...drove out to the burbs to see a little more of Jeff's family and celebrate my (almost) sister-in-law Kerry's graduation from business school! We did a little more grilling and tried to pretend like it wasn't 60 degrees and raining - oh Chicago.

And now today I'm flying out to San Francisco again for work - phew, exhausted just thinking about it!! I really don't know how people travel every week for work. This one is short, I'll be back Wednesday night, but I'm actually heading out for a whole week again next week. On the plus side, it gives me a reason to break out my new suitcase (which, yes, is just the larger size of my carry-on - look at this grown up with matching luggage!) and hopefully check out some fun new spots in San Fran. Any suggestions?

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