Monday, June 18, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...took the train up to the suburbs with my dad after work on Friday (with train beers, of course ;) for a family dinner because my brother and his wife are in town! Something you might not know if you're newer over here is that my brother and his wife live in South Korea - he's a history teacher over there. They usually come back for a few weeks every summer. This one is a shorter visit than usual because my sister-in-law is actually expecting a baby this fall! Can't wait to meet my little niece or nephew!!
...went on a bridal shower and then part of the bachelorette party for my friend Marina from high school! Yep, all in one day ;) We started with mimosas and presents at 404 Wine Bar, and then moved downtown to Rock Bottom for drinks on the rooftop. I've been to Rock Bottom a ton of times with my family (we go every year on Black Friday, we've been going since I was in middle school!), but somehow have never made it up to the rooftop before - such a fun spot downtown!
...met up with Jeff for drinks and snacks (and all of the oysters) at Oyster Bah. This is the second time I've been and it somehow was even better this time than the first. I actually don't usually even like hush puppies and theirs are incredible. Plus it turns out they have an awesome happy hour, even on the weekend.
...went with a bunch of friends to Brews at the Zoo at the Lincoln Park Zoo for a bunch of craft beer and, of course, checking out all of the animals. I've been to the zoo's winter beer events and was kind of down on them, but this one was so much better! It probably helped that it wasn't below zero, but it also felt a lot more relaxed and less crowded since people could hang outside. Definitely check out some of their other events if you're looking for something fun to do this summer!
...packed it on up again for another trip - I'm leaving for San Francisco tomorrow. We have a big offsite for most of the week, and then I'm taking off early for a three day weekend with Jeff out in Napa to celebrate our wedding anniversary - bring on the wine!
...baked up a batch of my grandma's sugar cookies, which are basically my favorite cookie ever! Some of them are going in the freezer for the baby shower I'm throwing in two weeks, and the rest are in my suitcase to San Francisco today for a little baking competition with my coworkers out there - wish me luck!

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