Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Easy Vacation Style

Dress (I also love this one and this one) - J. Crew Factory / Bag (or a budget-friendly version) - Clare V / Necklace (similar here) - BP / Sandals - Target

What kind of vacation style do you have? 

I often have plans for elaborate outfits and fun accessories, but at the end of the day, I tend to just want to wear something easy and comfortable. I mean heck, after the second day I've usually given up on makeup and doing anything to my hair besides combing it after I shower, so I certainly can't put a lot of time into what I'm going to wear. 

That's where easy pieces like this dress come in. I wore this for our drive up to Michigan on Friday and then out to dinner that night, and I managed to look and feel appropriate for both. I mean, the dress is super, super comfortable, yet structured enough to be flattering. Plus the sleeves. I mean, the sleeves. 

I added in a few simple accessories, including these sandals I'm loving from Target. They have a cushioned bottom (which is basically the only way I'm doing sandals from now on because #oldladyprobs) and seemingly go with everything. And they're perfect for vacation, because the slip on style means I can toss them on to run out into the yard to look at a deer (yes, there were many deer in this yard!) or kick them off to run on the beach, no straps or ties to mess with. Oh, and did I mention they're only $12.99?! Target for the win. 

I mean, not like Target is ever not for the win. 

Dress (I also love this one and this one) - J. Crew Factory / Bag (or a budget-friendly version) - Clare V / Necklace (similar here) - BP / Sandals - Target

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